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    Table Mounted Pulpers

    Somat Table Mounted Pulpers offer a convenient solution to waste handling. This table mounted pulper Table Mounted Pulperprovides an economic and efficient answer to reducing food waste volume. Pulping compostable food waste offers commercial composting operations better compost and on-site operations cleaner processing.

    How do Table Mounted Pulpers work?

    1. Foodservice waste enters the disposer via the bowl where mixes with water, is process then mixed with water to create a pulpable slurry comprised of approximately 95% liquid and 5% solids.
    2. The slurry is transported through a pipeline to a remotely located Hydra-Extractor®.
    3. The Hydra-Extractor removes most of the water and the semi-dry pulp is discharged into a container for disposal.
    4. The extracted water is recovered and returned to the pulping tank for re-use, offering significant water saving.

    Detailed Product Specifications

    D-5 Table Mounted Disposer
    D-7-1/2 Table Mounted Disposer
    D-10 Table Mounted Disposer