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    HE-6 Hydra-Extractor

    The Somat Hydra-Extractor component is an integral part of a foodservice waste system comprised of a disposer or remote pulper and a Hydra-Extractor.

    After processing, slurry is pumped through a pipeline to the Hydra-Extractor. Most of the water is extracted from the pumped slurry resulting in a semi-dry pulp. The extracted water is recovered and pumped back to the pulper for re-use.

    How do Hydra-Extractors Work?

    1. Foodservice waste enters the pulper, is processed then mixed with water to create a pulpable slurry comprised of approximately 95% liquid and 5% solids.
    2. The slurry is transported through a pipeline to the Hydra-Extractor.
    3. Using a specialized brushed screw augers and cylindrical screen, the Hydra-Extractor removes most of the water and the semi-dry pulp is discharged into a container for disposal.
    4. The extracted water is recovered and returned to the pulping tank for re-use, offering significant water saving.

    Detailed Product Specifications

    HE-6s Hydra-Extractor
    HE-9S-3 Hydra-Extractor
    HE-9TS Hydra-Extractor

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    • A component of the Somat waste handling system.
    • Able to reduce waste volume by 8 to 1 (87.5%).
    • Processes a wide variety of waste types.
    • Capacity to process up to 6000 pounds of waste mix per hour.
    • Available in several sizes and configurations.
    • Offers water savings by efficiently reusing extracted water.
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