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    Sustainability Resources


    The web has vast resources that will help support your waste reduction and sustainability efforts. Here are a few links that can provide you with data, information and inspiration to keep your programs moving forward.

    Composting, Recycling & Waste Reduction 

    Biodegradable Products Institutewww.bpiworld.org  Is it compostable? Is it biodegradable? What’s the difference? This site is an invaluable resource for organizations planning to use compostable disposables in their operation.

    Find A Composter. www.findacomposter.com  A directory of composting facilities throughout North America.

    Help Me Compost. www.helpmecompost.com   Nationwide list of composting and organic collection companies. Latest industry information as reported by composting and collection professionals.

    Cornell Waste Management Institute. www.cwmi.cornell.edu/resources  Cornell education program includes research, outreach, training and technical assistance with a focus on composting.

    Biocycle Magazine. www.jgpress.com    Publication focused on the latest news and trends in composting and recycling.

    U.S. Composting Councilwww.compostingcouncil.org  National non-profit trade and professional organization which promotes the recycling of organic material.

    Compostable Disposables. www.ciwmb.ca.gov/foodwaste/compost/biodegrade.htm  A listing of manufacturers of compostable products (mostly disposable food wares) compiled by California Integrated Waste Management Board.

    Lean Path, www.leanpath.com, a technology company providing food waste tracking systems to the hospitality, foodservice and restaurant industries.

    Other Sustainability Initiatives 

    National Restaurant Association Conserve Initiative. www.conserve.restaurant.org  An initiative that promotes sustainability in foodservice environments.

    Green Restaurant Association. www.dinegreen.com  An organization which helps restaurants become more environmentally sustainable.

    Green Lodging News. www.greenlodgingnews.com  An online publication focused on environmental issues that relate to the lodging industry.

    Environmental Defense Fund. www.edf.org  An organization dedicated to finding and supplying environmental solutions.

    EPA. www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/materials/organics/food/index/htm  A recap of information and links about food waste management.

    Foodprint, www.foodprint.biz , a company focused on assisting foodservice operators achieve sustainability goals.